The Kent-Harrison Foundation is a non-profit organization, a registered charity for the purpose of the Income Tax Act. Official tax-deductible receipts are issued to donors.

The Foundation is a non-political, non-government, charitable organization with a Board of Directors that serve on a voluntary basis.

Mission Statement

Through the growth and stewardship of permanent endowment funds and the distribution of income to a broad range of eligible organizations, Kent-Harrison Foundation, in meeting community needs, provides philanthropic leadership to improve the quality of life for all residents of our community.


The Foundation sincerely thanks individuals, families, and corporations for their generous past donations. Please see our listing of donors, memorials and sponsors.

Grants Awarded

Since 2001, the Foundation has been able to offer grants totaling $143,476 to build on Kent Harrison community. Grants have been made possible through dividends received from funds invested with the Vancouver Foundation; grants from District of Kent; and Village of Harrison Hot .

Upcoming Events sponsored by the KHF –                      Planned Fundraiser – Fall 2020