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What is the Kent-Harrison Foundation?

The Kent-Harrison Foundation, a non-governmental community foundation, was founded in 1994 as a collection of funds that form a permanent endowment for charitable purposes. Today, the foundation administers multiple funds, the capital of which comes from bequests, living donors, endowments of nonprofit organizations and other gifts. Grants are made from income generated from the investment of the funds. The Foundation helps with projects throughout Agassiz(the District of Kent) and Harrison Hot Springs.

What is a Community Foundation

A community foundation is a collection of charitable gifts both large and small. These gifts are pooled and invested and the investment income is distributed as grants to local charitable organizations. Your donation is never spent. It is pooled with other donations, which are invested, and the earnings are used to support community initiatives and projects.
Through this affiliation, it is now possible for individuals to leave their legacy to the  District of Kent (Agassiz) and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs to improve the lives of its residents. Many foundations throughout Canada contribute millions of dollars to worthwhile projects in cities and small towns in which they operate. A community foundation is permanent, but flexible and can adapt to changes in the community. It assures donors that decades from now, the original spirit and intent of their gift will continue to be honored.
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Our Philosophy

The Kent-Harrison Foundation is to hold its capital in perpetuity, to safeguard it, to increase its value as judicious investment will permit, and to distribute the income annually through grants to qualify non-profit organizations serving the citizens of the District of Kent and Harrison Hot Springs.