Founding Members

Below is the list of individuals, organizations, and corporations who made contributions of at least one thousand dollars during the formative years of the Foundation and are now recognized as Founding Members. Their early confidence in and generosity towards this organization is most appreciated.

Agassiz Harrison Lions Club Allan & Darlene Bott
Canadian Forest Products Ltd. James Cuthbert
Betty Duncan Prospera Credit Union
Garth & Beatrice Hadley The Hardy Family
Walter & Ida Hatt Healthy Communities Committee
John & Letty Hunt Clifford & Gladys Jewkes
District of Kent Stuart & Doreen Key
Jim & Lorrie Killer Steven Laug
Albert & Margaret Ledoux Dr. Lachlan MacIntosh
Arnold & Cresencia McCombs Kenneth & Margaret McRae
Dot & Ed Morrison Ella Pretty
Phyllis & Edward Stenson Douglas & Isa Taylor
Village of Harrison Hot Springs Julie & Howard Webb
Beverly & Theodore Westlin

Special Donors

All donors who have given over $2,000 since the Foundation began are noted below. The Foundation extends a special thank you to them for their continued generosity.

Agassiz Harrison Lions Club Allan & Darlene Bott
District of Kent Betty Duncan
John & June Green Harrison Hot Springs Volunteer
Margaret Ledoux Fire Department
Arnold McCombs Ed & Dot Morrison
Sylvia & John Pranger Pretty Family
Vancouver Foundation Village of Harrison Hot Springs
Theodore & Beverly Westin Beatrice Hadley Estate